5 simple steps to achieve Financial Freedom in 2020

No longer being dependent on a job is increasingly essential and for good reason, employment as we knew it is facing a major revolution.

The year 2020 is starting on a high note, unmatched unemployment on a global scale, a major financial crisis, companies of all sizes filing for bankruptcy; in short, an unprecedented upheaval in our lifestyles, be it economic, social or political.

Applying these 5 steps one by one and correctly is generating income in less than two months, it is now more than ever possible to create value in a short time:

1. Build a network

You can have the most beautiful idea, the most beautiful presentation or the most beautiful logo, excellent for the ego but not for the business at all ! Nothing will be worth your community and its attachment to what you offer.

You don’t need to have 1 Million Followers to start, building a relationship of trust with 2 or 3 people will allow you to have a relationship base on which you can draw.

Knowing how to surround yourself is creating relationships. Building relationships is the basis of financial freedom. As the famous adage reminds us: “Alone we go faster, with many we go further.”

You are just a few clicks away from joining online communities. Some platforms like Linkedin or Vave put you in touch with your first partners.

2. Create your business and prepare your tax

Starting a business is a project that requires preparation and reflection: as much on yourself as on the project itself.

To help you, we have compiled the main steps in an infographic as well as in a guide that you can download for free. This article will bring you several tips to give you every chance of succeeding in your entrepreneurial project.

3. Generate a continuous rent on a robust and rather stable market like real estate

Real estate is an investment that has built many fortunes. Everyone who has succeeded has invested all or part of their money in it at some point. The advantage of such a placement is that it meets a timeless need: that of housing.

There are many ways to invest in real estate. The first is to buy housing to rent it in the conventional way. If this may seem inaccessible with your savings alone, this project is possible thanks to the leverage of bank credit.

If your future rent covers the monthly payment of the loan with the charges and it respects your debt capacity, there is no reason for the bank to refuse you. You can also choose to buy shares in specialized companies, called SCPI (Civilian Companies for Real Estate Investment).

They are administered by a management office which is responsible for selecting the goods to buy, renting and maintaining them. A share of the rents is then paid back to each member, in proportion to the shares they hold.

4. Diversify by investing in the stock market

Financial products are good solutions for placing your money on the condition of being more vigilant. With the risk of a looming financial crisis, it is better to be cautious and invest in secure media such as funds in euros.

Buying stocks is not the best choice at the moment. Better to wait until prices go down, bet on safe stocks and consider a long-term investment to make a profit on resale. Investing in the stock market requires having solid knowledge in this area and training beforehand.

5. Duplicate

To work by duplication is to work by copying, by mimicking the opportunity that you present to your existing network or new members. Yes, I know, we have always been asked in school not to copy …

Here, it is not only allowed but also recommended, you will be able to give free rein to your primary instincts, only happiness!

Conditions for duplicating:

  • Relearn : you will first have to forget everything you have learned and just get into the habit of following. It’s more complicated than it seems! So, we press the “reset” button, we start on a blank page and the prospects will multiply.
  • Duplication should be kept simple. If you do sharp and complicated things, you will look cool. Your correspondents should say to themselves “with a little work, what he does I can do”. Only then will you make your team grow.