Belle-Plagne - Résidence Le Centaure

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Imagine an altitude station on a human scale, perched at an altitude of 2050 m, offering a mountain architecture dressed in wood and slate and an exceptional view of the peaks snowy…

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Laurent Faille

Belle-Plagne - Résidence Le Centaure
Belle-Plagne - Résidence Le Centaure
Belle-Plagne - Résidence Le Centaure
Belle-Plagne - Résidence Le Centaure

Belle Plagne could not be called otherwise, the change of scenery here is total. The village, which has kept pedestrian traffic, is the perfect place to relax with the family or with friends, and enjoy, in peace, the joys of the mountain.

Built on a mountainside, the village was designed to benefit from maximum sunshine and enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes. Traditional identity and the charm of typically Savoyard homes radiate through comfortable chalets and small residences of the station.

Tranquility and a natural atmosphere are here: vehicles staying well sheltered in two large underground car parks communicating with the residences. If Belle Plagne makes every effort to guarantee holidaymakers an idyllic environment, the resort does not forget to offer all the services essential for a successful stay! Varied amenities and après-ski activities meet the expectations of young and old.
In Belle Plagne, we leave the ski-in ski-out station to escape between pine trees and mountain pastures, in the heart sumptuous natural decorations. Seasoned skiers or beginners, fond of alpine skiing, new sliding or Nordic skiing: you can discover pleasure skiing under the benevolent gaze of the summits surroundings.

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