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With Vave's you can own a fraction of any property, thanks to a fully-compliant real estate tokenization platform powered by the blockchain.


Beautiful offices of 158 m2 in Noisy-Le-Grand 93

Modern offices for sale in a prime location in Noisy-Le-Grand, Paris. These offices have 3 private car parks and the premises have an inter-company restaurant.


$ 274 701 raised by Helena D.

Cozy 13 sqm2 apartment in Paris for sale

Lovely little cozy one-room apartment for sale, this tiny apartment has a great view.


$ 149 464 raised by Édouard B.

Lovely modern 41 sqm2 apartment in Paris

Very nice looking apartment with a great view.


$ 625 107 raised by Édouard B.

Cozy 41 sqm2 apartment in San Francisco

Lovely little cozy apartment located in San Francisco


$ 343 450 raised by Édouard B.

Lovely 40 sqm2 apartment in Toulouse

Extremely modern and luxury apartment located in a peaceful neighborhood in Toulouse.


$ 208 730 raised by Édouard B.

Lovely 43 sqm2 apartment located in Toulouse

Lovely apartment located in a peaceful neighborhood in Toulouse.


$ 200 078 raised by Édouard B.


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