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Estate Investing

Our users have achieved performances of 7% minimum /year of yield (all taxes included). Free registration.


How it works ?


7% minimum of target

Vave © is a platform where individuals can invest from $ 100 in real estate projects with a yield target of 7% minimum (All Taxes Included) per year.


Diversify your investment

A warned investor is an investor who diversifies his investments. With Vave ©, you can do it by choosing to finance several projects rather than one.


Nothing to manage. The real estate
founder does it for you

Vave ©️ is a social network that introduces you to the best property managers, who invite you to participate to their projects and their opportunities.

Best Opportunities Funded opportunities are public while running ones are private


Why invest in real estate
with Vave?

The Vave social network uses innovative strategies to connect investors, property developers and owners. It facilitates inclusion in the real estate sector by reducing the need for minimum investments. Vave offers the possibility of investing in investments of institutional quality which generate attractive returns. Individuals can diversify their portfolio by following the best listed property founders.

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How it works?

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I invest

I sign up for a Club Deals on Vave. If I am accepted into the club, I can invest from $ 100 on one of the published real estate projects.

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I receive my shares

The progress of the fundraising can be followed from my Vave profile. You receive your real estate shares when the funding reaches 100%.

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I receive my income

My rental income is transferred to my bank account and I can resell my shares.


# 1 Club Deals Real Estate
Social Network

The real estate sector has always been a lucrative option for investment. However, until now, its access was limited and its systems complex. Real Estate Clubs Deals have given it a complete makeover with advanced technologies and modern methods.


Reduced capital requirements

The traditional real estate sector requires higher investment capital and therefore presents strong barriers to entry. crowdfunding real estate allows any individual to invest with a fairly low capital and to profit from rental income or passive investment.



The Real Estate Club Deals also facilitate diversification in terms of geographic locations or real estate spaces. Vave offers you a variety of types of investments by connecting to all types of real estate founders.


Nothing to manage

An investor does not need to burden himself with administrative and management costs. The process is hassle free and requires minimal attention as most of the mission is managed by the real estate founder accompanying you in your club deals.


Profitable Passive Investment

It is a relatively safer and better passive investment option compared to stocks or commodities. It also facilitates constant cash flow through rental income.


Industrial Quality Investments

Vave also allows you to invest in high-end and exclusive properties. By investing a fraction of the investment, you can access and be a shareholder in an usually inaccessible building.

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How do Real Estate
Clubs Deals work?

Real Estate Club Deals allow investors to pool capital to purchase a property, in proportion to the money contributed by each participant. The property is then rented and each investor receives his share from the rental income.

In addition, if the real estate price increases, investors can benefit from capital growth and get a return on the initial investment. Clubs Deals are often associated with Crowdfunding. The latter has a public vocation when the Clubs Deals are private.


Alpha Notaires,
a trusted partner

Vave has had a direct relationship with our notary partners for years. Blockchain is for them a major technological revolution and in particular regarding the activity of notaries.


Yield: $ 960 /year

Based on the returns achieved by our property founders over the past 3 months

$ 100 $ 100 000

No personal contribution?

Join our network of Founders, independent real estate agents in order to build your wealth through your network, and without personal contribution


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