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Why become
Real Estate Manager?

Access financial freedom by solidifying your heritage around real estate. No training required. Vave keeps you safe by keeping you in control of your savings.


Best Real Estate Managers   Real Estate managers carry the real estate projects published on the platform, they can be individuals or companies.
You can also apply as a manager by clicking here

christophe K. subscribe

Capital Markets Managing Director at Plus Capital. Holding company in the field of Fintech and Marketing.

Vitor M. subscribe

Graduated in Business Administration from FAAP, has more than 10 years of experience in civil construction and real estate in São Paulo.

François G. subscribe

30 years old, Real Estate Investor. My goal: to offer a portfolio of varied properties with good returns. I am very enthusiastic about the idea of being able to share passion, advice and opportunities with all those who wish to embark on this same adventure.

Best Opportunities managed by individual managers

Vave Real Estate Managers are the main players in the publication and monitoring of opportunities on the platform. Explore a vast gallery of real estate projects with consistent cash flows and low capital requirements.

What types of property to
publish on Vave as a Real
Estate Manager?

Choosing a good property investment depends above all on your project and therefore on your expectations. Would you like to build an estate, buy to rent or collect additional income? Depending on your plans, you can find the property that suits you.


Apartments / Houses (old)

The older the property, the lower the taxes. You still have to find a safe investment in the old for good rental returns.


Apartments / Houses (new)

New goods are not the most profitable on the market. A manager - a bit of a do-it-yourselfer - can expect up to 9% of gross profitability by successfully financing an old property by renovating it.



Significant changes in the office market are underway. New methods are emerging in companies and suggest a redesign of this market. Good deals are to be expected.


Investment Buildings

Composed of several apartments and designed as an investment by the owner investor. The latter is looking for a high return and can logically move towards this option.


Service & Tourism Residences

Although less known than its colleagues, service residences have many advantages. Indeed, the rental purchase of an apartment by the sea or in the mountains is a great opportunity that can allow you to generate good profitability.

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How to optimize

Vave supports you on all subjects allowing you to optimize your profitability. To do this, you must be aware of the various levers allowing you to optimize your profitability


Take charge of rental management

You are never better served than by yourself, or by Vave! Entrusting the management to an agency will only increase the invoices and consequently decrease your profitability as well as those of your investors.


Optimizing your taxation

Finding the right tax can be complex. Vave puts you in touch with tax experts who can guide you throughout your journey.


Review common charges

To improve your control over charges, it is better to avoid charges common to the building. For heating, it is possible to set up an individual system, all electric or with an individual gas boiler for example.


Optimize your rental income

Revaluing the amount of the rent, thinking about furnished rentals, trying to share or even seasonal rentals can prove to be good levers to optimize your income. Vave supports you on this subject as on all the others.


Renovate your property

It is necessary to think of carrying out some renovations regularly. Housing in excellent condition, with modern comfort, will guarantee a strong rental demand and thus a good level of rent.

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During my visits, what are
the points to check?

It's not easy to remember all the points to check during your visits. In order to put the odds in your favor, you must be persuaded not to miss any details.

Vave provides a complete checklist which will follow you during your prospecting journey.



Alpha Notaires,
a trusted partner

Vave has had a direct relationship with our notary partners for years. Blockchain is for them a major technological revolution and in particular regarding the activity of notaries.



What remuneration will I get as a real estate manager?

As a Real Estate Manager, you benefit from 10% of the tokens of the SAS that you will chair and which will carry the real estate property (s) for which you have successfully funded within the platform.
Activities listed below:

  • Prospecting
  • Purchase proposal
  • Signature of the promise
  • Creation of SAS
  • Representation of the airlock with third parties
  • Signature of acts
  • Find a tenant
  • Asset management after acquisition.

How are the tokens of each SAS company (holding properties) divided?

The distribution of tokens (in%) is as follows:

  • Investors: 87.5% to 88.5%
  • Manager: 10%
  • Sponsor N + 1 Manager: 0.5%
  • Sponsor N + 2 Manager: 0.3%
  • Sponsor N + 3 Manager: 0.2%
  • Sponsor N + 4 Manager: 0.1%
  • Vave: 1.4% to 2.4%

How is the rental of the property managed?

Vave advises you to opt for the following solutions:

  • Either the manager opts for direct rental management. All the steps will be explained to them on their dashboard within the platform.
  • Either he calls on a Property Administrator (the latter can be recommended by Vave)

Reminder: The property manager receives the rents and will pay all charges. It will distribute the rents through the blockchain on a safe, to which each shareholder (represented by tokens) will have access according to their initial investment.

Can I start the opportunity before setting up my business?

Yes, you can start the opportunity by registering on and following the steps on your profile. It is at the end of your first fundraising materialized on Vave that you will have to launch the creation of the SAS as Manager.

How can I access training sessions?

Vave proposes managers weekly sessions, on which you are invited to join through the following link:

If I offer a property for which I have a sales mandate, how do I go about buying myself via an SAS company?

If you have a sales mandate, you can be an acquirer and initiate the process as specified in the previous questions. There is no incompatibility of law.

Can I give notaries powers of attorney to avoid being seen on the sale and purchase part (to avoid any conflict of interest)?

There could be a ban if it were written on the warrant. Most of the time, this is not the case. Regarding your co-investors, it is recommended to be transparent. It's not that one of them feels cheated by some maneuver.

If I invite friends, how many levels are there in the Vave Affiliate Opportunity?

You can invite and affiliate your friends to join your network of real estate managers on the following levels:
You benefit from:

  • 5% of the income of your affiliates at level 1,
  • 3% of the income of your affiliates at level 2,
  • 2% of the income of your affiliates at level 3,
  • 1% of the income of your affiliates at level 4,

What is the cost of creating the SAS company?

The cost is € 500 including taxes (notaries + registry fees + legal notice) and can be paid after your first crowdfunding

How can I follow the report of the projects I started on the platform?

The monitoring of your dividends will be done via your profile as well, on which you can follow their evolution and request your withdrawal as soon as you wish.

What are prospecting tools?

A suite of free tools offered by Vave, that will help you to display all real estate classified ads sites properties into one excel sheet and find the estimated profitability rate for each listed property.


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Christophe Kourdouly, Managing Director Capital Markets at VAZIVA HOLDING. Holding company in the field of Fintech and Marketing.

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