Build your real estate income without personal contribution

The Vave © network brings together all of the founders, tools and contributors who will help you quickly grow your real estate assets.


Build your wealth without personal contribution

Become the Owner of 10% (of LLC shares) of the goods you find, share and manage. Vave is a platform that values your ability to find real estate deals and share them with your network of investors boosted by Vave.

Boost the audience of the real estate you are targeting

Vave will allow you to increase your personal network of investors and therefore increase your purchasing capacity for the property you are targeting. The more your success is shared and appreciated, the more your heritage will be developed.

Tools and speakers available 7 days a week

Among other things, you will be able to receive free alerts on the latest Properties for sale on the market and set up the SAS which will carry the Properties you manage. Notaries, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, artisans ... Vave connects you.

Why become a founder?

Speed up your access to ownership by capitalizing shares in each of the assets that you have helped to hatch.
Build your network of Founders and benefit from a% on the activity of your fleet. From the research of Properties to the management through the sale within the Vave © network, your role and your perspectives as a Founder are rich.


How it works?

Example of an investment in a property offered for sale at € 200,000


Find a property for sale using Vave tools or through you.


Visit the property at the displayed price of € 200,000.


Negotiate the acquisition in the best conditions to build the most solid file possible.


The Vave jury of experts validates your investment case.

DAY 30

You determine the manager of the property or can manage the property yourself. Rents will be paid periodically to all partners.

DAY 16

The property is purchased € 200,000 + Notary Fees (10%). Total: € 220,000. It is rented at € 2,000 / month.


You have successfully completed the lifting of the property. Create a LLC in which all investors become associate members up to the respective contribution of each. As a Founder, you hold 10% of the shares of LLC.


You can find friends to present your project with your affiliate link. The round table is open, especially at Vave conferences. The funds will be paid to the notary.

Example of a knowledgeable friend who brings € 2,200 (or 1%).
Revenue: € 24,000 / year - € 8,400 (Taxes) = € 15,600 / year. 15,600 x 1% = € 156 / year

Be contacted by a Founder

Fill in your email and a recognized founder will get back to you as soon as possible.


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