Le Domaine de La Borie, Goult, France

explore-icon1-11 chemin Jean Roux à Goult, France


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Laurent Faille

Le Domaine de La Borie, Goult, France
Le Domaine de La Borie, Goult, France
Le Domaine de La Borie, Goult, France
Local context • Current global competition: average on your type of property • Airbnb and Abritel are very well established locally and largely dominate the market. • A service like cable (Netflix) allows you to differentiate yourself because there is little in the sector • Average rental period: 62% of reservations for more than 04 nights Eldorado Real Estate Expected income with your rental • Classic owner: € 58,000 / year of income, 51% occupancy rate, nightly rate € 313 • Expert owner: € 91,000 / year, average occupancy rate 64%, price per night € 391 Eldorado Real Estate

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Founding Director of CAUNIM (Real Estate Developer) and CATHAIRING RESIDENCES (Foncière), I invite you to join my network to invest alongside me in quality goods targeted for their income or capital gain potential.


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