Utrust is joining the VAVE family!

Paris, November 23rd, 2020 – Utrust (hyperlink) is a cryptocurrency platform for both personal and business utilization offering fast, easy and reliable payments with digital currencies with a blink of an eye.

Utrust is the heaven for the e-commerce owners to offer their customers an digital currencies by using the Utrust escrow service and be eligible for the benefits of the digital currencies which is not the case for traditional payment methods.

Thanks to their borderless payments they are able to offer their business to over 180 countries across the globe and support 30 currencies worldwide (which is a +90% of world’s GDP). Thanks to the blockchain they are able to offer faster growth for global companies.

Some of Utrust’s advantages are:

  • Business protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Compatible with all wallets
  • Send crypto to other people
  • Major cryptocurrencies support
  • Zero market volatility
  • No mining fees
  • Low transaction fees

About VAVE – Vave is a leading Real Estate Tokenization platform that allows their investors an estimated profitability of 9% APY, a place where you can diversify your investment portfolio by managing nothing while the real estate manager does it for you.

Vave is ideal for all investors thanks to their minimum entry of only 10$ per investment. Thanks to their Real Estate experts, Vave is leading the way for the Real Estate Tokenization, currently tokenizing properties worth millions of Euros thanks to the smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some of Vave’s advantages are:

  • Swap your assets
  • Minimal entry ticket of 10$
  • Distribution automation
  • Governance
  • Keep your income on the blockchain

This partnership between VAVE and Utrust is a step forward into the mass adoption. Vave’s team follows the progress of this partnership with joy and excitement.