Real estate investment open to all thanks to Private Clubs Deals !?

Certain real estate investments are reserved for “accredited investors”, traditional crowdfunding platforms are responsible for auditing potential investors beforehand, they have also obtained the right to promote their projects in a public manner, including through their websites.

A Real Estate Club Deal is a collective investment bringing together a limited number of investors – accredited or not – to participate in several real estate promotion programs.

This makes it possible to invest in assets that would be inaccessible to each member individually, but also to spread the risks of investments and to diversify their portfolio.

After a simple registration on Vave and access to the private network of a Club Deals, you can choose to invest in one or more opportunities.

Opening up to the secondary market

The resale of over-the-counter shares remains complicated in the world of real estate crowdfunding or that of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

By promoting the Club Deals and their private nature, the platforms ensure flexibility at the international level, particularly in terms of prospecting new members.

Note that the real estate opportunity cannot be the subject of the various marketing campaigns but the platform or certain Clubs Deals.